Procurement Management System

Procurement, Public Procurement, Contract Management

Moduls/ Functionality

planning module
• Recording plan data
• Assigning requests to plan
Request management module
• Submission of claims of functional areas according to protocol
• Inspection and amendment of requests by procurements
• Multi-level request approval (functional, financial, legal, decision-making)
• Generates request documentation
Procurement module
• Complete digitization of procurement and public procurement procedures
• Supports the management of all types of procedures
• Supports all organizational tasks of procurements
Contract module
• Approves and manages contracting requests, and supports the signing process
• Contract Lifecycle Management (administration of modifications and fulfilment, notifications about contract management tasks)
• Searchability of effective contracts and relevant documents, and sharing those internally in the organization
BI dashboard
• Quick overview of procurements
• Status of actual requests and procedures
• Analysis of concluded contracts
• Budget plan-fact analysis
• Product category and vendor analysis
• Turnaround time

Transaction screen


Ensures the regulatory compliance, while taking client-specific needs into account. Aggregation of values; functions supporting publication.
A comprehensive solution for procurement planning, request management, procedure management and contracting support, with modular structure and personalized licenses.
Supports internal workflow procedures in line with the regulation, builds on process models created with more than 15 years of consulting experience.
Integrated partner database, unified vendor registry for procurements and contracts.
Task management on individual and group level, along a pre-defined process, supported by the features of ad hoc task allocation, deadline management and notifications.
Document management based on templates. Managing incoming and outgoing documents, storage and searchability based on cases, procedures.
User interfaces providing quick review of requests and procurements, ensuring the traceability and transparency of processes.
Up-to-date information about the status of the procurements, the progress of the cases and process times. Quick service of data requests for monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Who can benefit?

„You can benefit
from CPS if… You are”
Functional area
Increased planning
Simplified way to submit requests, to follow-up the status of procurements, to plan and track the contribution of colleagues. Reduces process time.
Decision maker
Up-to-date information
Always available, up-to-date information, which facilitates a quicker decision-making process. The processes are transparent. Intervention is more easily manageable in case of a problem.
Enforces the fulfilment of rules
The internal rules of procedure and the legal requirements can be enforced by standard processes, iterations may be accelerated and their number reduced. This increases efficiency.
More economic procurements
Procurements become analysable, which leads to a more precise financial plan and more economic operations. The product license gives you the opportunity to have personalized service.
Legally controlled operations
Ensures legal control, which leads to a greater regularity of decisions. Documents can be easily searched and traced back for different monitoring processes, and for data supplying.

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